Love Before First Sight

January 23, 2009
Little one,
my precious darling.
How my heart leapt with joy
at the very thoguht of you.
The moment I knew,
I vowed to protect you,
care for you,
teach you,
and love you forever.
I have failed.
I lie awake at night
imaging your smile and your eyes,
the way you would laugh,
and even the way you might cry.
The tears are mine now,
those things I will never know.
My womb has betrayed my heart.
And, little one,
you are long gone,
taken from me, and with you
all of my love.

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JillianHale said...
Apr. 4, 2009 at 2:24 pm
Awwwh. I cried. Very touching. Is this a true instance? I'm so sorry if it is. I can tell the hurt you must've gone through writing this. I find it to be true that when going through times of trial we tap into our best in writing. Grief is a strong emotion. I wish you the best.
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