Free Falling

January 23, 2009
By Jacqui Siegel, Hauppauge, NY

Peering up, staring the stormy sky in the face, my reflection is illuminated with
every flash of lightning. Thunder cracks, lightning strikes, I see my anxious face

and my anxious face disappears.

My reflection becomes muddled as the sea surges and churns,

Black as onyx and cold as ice the waves rise and crash, rise and crash.

Wind whips and rain stings, clouding my eyes and muffling my panicked scream.
I have to pull myself back, no longer gazing into the grumbling abyss that once held the image of my face.
But again I am pulled to look over the edge, though terror consumes me I am called to the water.
I ease myself slowly, carefully calculating my drop and slip silently among the surging waves.
I don’t struggle, I don’t resist, I only fully succumb to the sea.
I drift weightless under the once glassy surface now hidden by a steely cloak of darkness.

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