January 22, 2009
Desperate in belief
about anything in the
world there’s still nothing
like it. There’s nothing
like snow…
An uneasy quaky feeling
arises in my knees and I
wonder how far the world will

drift as I fall in full fledged love and lust with snow.

I’m melting
desperately with all the contents of my soul.
Feeling like everything in me is
GUSHING in puddles


in not faith nor hope, but a
discovery of BEAUTY!!!
And as the birds fly
for safe haven I can only pray that someone really cares for the sparrow.
And will the world suffice to no
that there is still a possibility in all these things that
we hope
for. In the dismissal of all things around me, with the blue shadows of Picasso
and dreams of romantics. We can still experience all—which is breathtaking.
for now all we have is

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