A Stubborn Race

January 22, 2009
By Sarah Leiterman, Rochester, MI

How can you think its okay?
When everyday I’m miserable.
I cope,
but I shouldn’t have to.
I’m losing hope in generosity,
In love,
In kindness.

Why do you just walk by?
Without even saying hi,
Not a smile
Or even a nod of acknowledgement.

Who are you?
I don’t even know your name,
But your arrogance is blunt
You have no humility
No shame

If only
Just for awhile
I could make you turn your head
Notice me
Show me that someone is in there.
A flaw,
A perfect defect
That gives you the right
to just walk by
to let me be miserable.

You think…
Someone else will help,
Not I,
It will all be fine

But no.
It is you who can dig me out of this hole
Don’t rely on them,
The others who pass by,
Can my signals be any clearer?
Step up
Take a bow
Don’t you know how?

I feel pain and rejection,
From a world that gives no direction.
I am lost and afraid of time.
It won’t move on,
I can’t get past it.
Where must I go?
What can I do?
All the answers depend on you
I don’t ask for a lot,
A smirk or a grin
But even that is too much effort.
I’m man, your man,
When will you see
That it doesn’t make a difference
Except that no one will talk to me.

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