Barely Breathing

January 22, 2009
By Matt McDonald, Kimberly, WI

Walking farther.
Away from it all.
The burning pile of metal and wood.
Hearing the roar of the fire.
Lucky to be alive.
Where is she?
Did she make it?
Sprinting back.
Sprinting and praying.
Trying to make it through
The cage engulfing his whole life in crackling flames.
He can’t stop. Won’t stop.
The stench of rubber burning
Hits his senses like a wave against a break wall.
Throwing metal shards around.
Praying to find her.
Suddenly coughs break out from against the noise of the fire.
He stops, backs away
And passes out.
With the most important
Thing in his life
Clinched in his arms,
Barely breathing.

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