Trying to forget

January 22, 2009
By Emma Helfgott, Keeseville, NY

I try to forget you day in and day out,
All you cause me is damage to the heart,
But I still can't help but hear you howl in my head.
At times it makes me wish I were dead.

I try to forget how you opened my eyes,
To an evil world I never saw.
But even now I can still see the wonderful terrors that you showed me only burt a year ago.

I try to forget how the dark, cruel world has hurt you.
And now that I know, you try to protect me from it too.
"Why do you do this?" I always ask,
No answer however, is your usual reply.

Now I have tried to forget people in the past,
But forgetting you is a much harder task.

How could I forget somone like you,
Someone strong, someone true.

I guess I can't try to forget,
You have shown me too much.
And that's all,
The end,
I guess there's no point in 'trying to forget.'

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