Days, Months and Years

January 22, 2009
By Jessica Rosendahl BRONZE, Sanford, Florida
Jessica Rosendahl BRONZE, Sanford, Florida
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"I'll be back in three months." He said
"And I'll have gifts in tow!"
"It'll be a second Christmas!"
"You'll have so many toys to show"
The days turned into months
But my heart never gave in
Every knock at the door
I hoped that it was him
I waited at the mailbox
Praying that he'd write
They said that he'd left me
But I had a steel might
Eight years have come and gone since that deceitful night
Where that eight year old child once stood
Stands a girl who's seen the light
Through the time I've lost my hope
It hurt at first
But I've learned to cope
I tell myself I'm done waiting
He no longer has a hold
And if I ever saw him
My shoulder would be cold
I say I've moved on
That I wait no more
Yet the child deep inside me
Still waits by that door

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