Life As It Comes

January 22, 2009
By Melisa Thomas, Miramar, FL

It's not the conspicuous things in life
that makes us different
but the different things that detracts
from the unique simplicity
of who we really are..
It's not because we endeavor to do our best
to reach our highest potential,
but the stupid reasons people discriminate
against our propositions
and formulated ideas,
to make such fascinating master pieces
Leaving people of the future
Reminiscing about the wondrous
memories of the past..
It's not the collapsed old bridge
that keeps you from crossing the river
but the glistening river that takes your breathe away..
Maybe it's not the mimicking birds, parrots or people
that makes life so interesting
but the rewarding things we do to make an impact on life

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem because it was an assignment from my reading teacher in 9th grade. What really inspired me to write a piece like this was the observations of how students were in my school and how they treated life. For my Readers i hope you get understanding out of my poem and appreciativeness of life.

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