Pole Vault

January 22, 2009
By Kasey Kelly, Appleton, WI

Flying as high as a white dove
Let free at a wedding.
Running with the wind,
Just as fast as a cheetah.
I feel the tacky tape
Bound around my pole.
Strength put out for each push,
I am prepared to leap with all of my might.
Perfect form to succeed as a blue ribbon
Winner in a marathon.
The urge to reach my feet up vertically,
Up above my head.
Upside down like a sleeping bat.
More push, to force my body
Over the bar.
Shove the pole as if I’m finished.
But not yet…
I’m in the air, flying.
Unsure how it all will turn out…
It’s all up to me!
Turing in the air, a full 180 degree
My belly lightly brushes the bar like a soft
I shut my eyes…
Have I made it?
Have I won my blue ribbon?
Landing on the rough uncomfortable mats,
Like a foam pit with soft plastic surrounding it.
But still every fall you find a new pain;
A pain of success
I look up only to find I have accomplished my goal.
All nerves have been released like finishing a race.
I made it; I made 9’6’’!
This was all I wanted.
Hugs, smiles, tears of joy, rainbows, perfect day, SUN!
No regrets
State 2008

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