making sense of minds raging thoughts

January 25, 2009
By lauren bewkes, Bonney Lake, WA

My mind is forever full of thoughts that i cant seem to calm or slow down. I think about who i am to become and what it is that i may do in life. It as precious and rare like a pearl in place of an oyster in shimmers water. I cant wait to meet the people i will one day walk into, the future loves i shall embrace and the heart breaks that will make my breath stop for what seems like an eternity, but was only for a flash of a moment.I want to surround myself in peoples laughter, feel the drops of rain fall onto my fair snow white skin and trickle down my cheek following to my neck. Hold my dear ones close to my heart when they shed thunderous tropical rains from their hardened times. See my life flash like lightening before my eyes and let it cause the edges of my lips to curve upwards. Scan the world with my light green mirrors that reflect places that are adventures rather than terror or misery. Leave my footprints in the soft sand and see the ocean brush over them with rough waves, but never erase where i once walked before so that i am privileged to remember. Touch skin and feel my fingers send sparks and tingled sensations from the tips to my lips, feeling loves sweet taste as they cling to my cupid boy. A shimmer of gold pierces my heart, my rhythm of my instrumental harp playing only gentle lyrics. Red washes over us like the sun's last light on earth in the steadily darkening sky. Replaced by silver glitter showing us where pure white feathers have been plucked from flight, only to fall on satin pillows where my head rests and glossy covers that touch my bare naked skin. A dream like state slows the mind and gives a serene area, where you may remain clam until souls stage must begin its theatrical play, curtains must be drawn for your grand scene of shades baring blue gazing back at you is your audience.

The author's comments:
writing through the emotions of teenage life and spreading one of my truest powers and privileges right to speak.

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