My Peace

January 21, 2009
By Moriah Roan, Clarkston, MI

The performing arts center at my high school has become my second home.
Here is where I stand underneath the lights that glare like the sun into my vision.
My hand is gliding, finding notes and positioning my fingers in just the right spots.
My music is echoing into the room filling it with my sound that is as precise as the conductor leading me.
This is where I my find peace.
I enjoy the rush of the audience watching,
And the pressure to make everything sound perfect,
Although I know everything won’t turn out completely flawless.
My heart, my soul, and my mind all meet as one as I lose myself in the music.
My emotions can take over me and translate into beauty in the eyes of an audience.
They sit there in the uncomfortable red chairs that suck them in like a black hole.
Some are restless, but I ignore it.
There is a muffled sound of a baby’s cry, but I continue on
I can take my pain, and my frustrations, and turn it into music.
My heart is in the place where I’ve worked so hard to achieve playing a beautiful masterpiece.
My bow floats across the strings
And as the music comes to an end I take a big breath and I smile comes across my face.
As I have come to an end of another long journey through unending pages of notes and composers who lived long ago.
A sigh of relief flows through me as I have rid myself of all the baggage I have been carrying in my mind.
It is all set free. I am free.

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