Shining Star

January 20, 2009
By Anonymous

Shine bright my star.
Shine so bright even the moon
turns away.

Shine my star so everyone can see.
So everyone can see just how
beautiful my star really is.

My beautiful star.
My beautiful star.

Shine bright for me.
Blind everyone with your beauty.

Do not put your flame out my star.
Shine so everyone can see just how
beautiful you are.

Shine bright my star.
Shine bright my star.

Don't let your flame go out.

Shine my star...

Shine so the whole world can see you.

Shine my star...

The author's comments:
My poem, "Shining Star", is just a peice of work that came from my imaganation. I know the picture has nothing to do with my Poem, but i couldn't find a star, so I chose the next best thing. Anyway, I love to write, and read. I hope to become a published poet/short story writer one day.

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