January 20, 2009
By Aly Monteleone, Bay Village, OH

My heart pounds
My mind rushes until…
You give me this feeling
Do I feel young?
Not quite
It’s more like I’ve got to have you.
You make me picture myself
Chasing you in the airport before you leave for good
Running from security through crowds of people
Luggage flying, tickets raining from people’s grips
Just to kiss you
Just to hold you
To tell you that I care more than I can say
More than I’ve ever been able to put into words
To breathe you in:
To inhale the soft scent of cigarettes
The one that penetrates through your shirt
With the faint aroma of your cologne:
The smell I crave when you’re gone
To feel your heart beat against my temple
As my head rests against your soft chest;
The chest I’m too familiar with.
To tell you that you don’t know:
You just don’t know.
You might not ever.
But I know.
I know that it’s you;
You’ve won;
You’ve won me;
You’ve won me over.

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