A box thats.........

January 20, 2009
It feels like I am in a box. A box thats crushing me. Rules everywhere I turn. I have no freedom or at least it feels like that. I want to break out but it's against the rules.

It feels like I am in a box. A box that is destroying me little by little. Nothing going right. No one to ask for help. Frusteration and anger every where because of the problems. No escape, no leaving. How can I? There is no exit and thats one of the problems.

It feels like I am in a box. A box that is making me lose sanity. Annoyance on the highest levels are surrounding me. Theres no getting rid of it. I say deal with or ignore it theres no leaving. My spine tingles and my head shakes I want to scream but what good would that do? I am all alone. But still going insane.

It feels like I am in a box. A box thats robbing me of my sleep. I lye in my tiny bed bed tired but not sleeping. I am restless and feels like the night never ends. When I sleep I have night mares of creatures lurking about. But how do I know it's a dream? So now I don't sleep.

It feels like someone opened the box. The box of many despairs. Now I am free and I can breath fresh air. I can make a new start. It feels so good to flee from the dark and dusty box. But wait I see someone else going in there to take my place. God bless them. I hope they have it better than I did.

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Kat M. said...
Feb. 16, 2009 at 4:40 pm
wow i know exactly how u feel and i totally agree.
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