January 20, 2009
By Christine Kramer, Allentown, PA

Standing alone, in my own fantasy of nature and life,
I breathe in the cool moisture of the morning spring fog.
The sun lights the sky with warm shades of orange and yellow,
Reflecting off the morning dew I feel against my ankles.

Matching the faded taste of sugar from the tea at dawn,
I pluck a honeysuckle from a large wall of vines,
Twining over a peaceful, white gazebo.
I take a seat inside, and taste the sweetness of nature.

Within the tall grass are all the insects humming,
As the birds hum in the large, mysterious oaks.
I gaze upon all the new life dancing around me,
And wonder, how old the lives of those ancient trees are.

The smell of my perfume mixes in with the fresh scent of flowers and fruit,
And a bright green apple catches my eye.
I pick it off and wipe it on my petticoat,
Then I think as I take a bite, how much wonder there really is in life.

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