The Artist

January 16, 2009
By Julia Madden, Bloomfield Hills, MI

She loved someone
He was dearer to her than any other
And with each glimpse in his direction
Her heart overflowed with viscous affection

It soothed her aches like a heavy blanket
And slowly spread all over her body
Allowing her to sink into a gelatin bath
And revel in her adoration

To most areas, her gluey love offered nothing
Other than a pleasant weight
But to her eyes, it gave a velvet-coated sheen
That forever distorted her sight

Trudging shock engulfed her
As she saw what she never knew was there
A translucent string that bound her to her love
Connected from heart to heart

It was as thick as her emotions
And in its novelty, provoked curiosity
Did it sprout from her love?
Or was it always there?

Seeking knowledge, she glanced at those around her
And on a palatable whim
Let her heart again fill with love
This time for the world

In much the same way
She found that she was tied to all she met
And stood in soft wonder
Of that unmistakable beauty

But creeping distress prickled in her ear
Certainly she could see the magic
But all others were blind to it
So she knew that she must show them

But how?

And then she saw the brush
Heavenly dipped in red paint
Begging to be used
She picked it up

Tingling slightly in her hand
She marveled at the power
And grinned in triumph
With this, she could paint the strings

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