A Promise To Break

January 16, 2009
By sade williams, Melvindale, MI

This promise I made to you
Has gotten tougher as we grew.
I thought our love would be the glue
To keep this promise from breaking
But our fights make my life so blue.

Now I see
That this broken promise will be
Th end of you and me.
I’ve let you down
And I know you can agree.

You sit here and cry
In confusion because you don’t know why.
I promised to love you until we die.
I’m sorry to disappoint you
But this whole time
My love for you was a lie.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem because I wanted to write about love and heartbrake that many teens go through. The poem is about a couple who loves each other deeply; however, as they fight over the years together, the guy’s love for the girl dies. Even though he promised to love her forever, he ends up breaking her heart in the end. I’m sure many teens can relate to this poem.

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