my eyes reopen

January 15, 2009
Then I was filled with sorrow
Because together we had lied
He held me close
I gazed in his eyes
Soft touch, lips touch
Awkwardness disappeared
We then separate
Walk in two separate directions
And my heart sinks to stone
And guilt flushes my atmosphere
I cry
My trembling arms
Scathed by past anger and fear
Are looked upon
By two unforgiving eyes
I lay down and sleep
That day was a forgotten nightmare
But today I tried to remember
His threatening face
And I tried and I tried
And I tried
And then it comes.
My eyes reopen in fear
There is no escape to wander
Now that I’m here I want to leave
Tears fill up my eyes
And my heart burns with Claustrophobia
Some one speaks my name
I jerk awake from my thoughts
No fear exists
And his face is forgotten

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