My Silver Token

January 15, 2009
By Anonymous

My Silver Token

I look up at the beautiful white sky,
It comes to my appealing,
So cold and physically uncomfortable,
But due to the view my aches drift away.

I glance, I stare, I wonder,
At this one shiny sparkle, it differs,
Much bigger, and brings a deeper attraction
The most beautiful thing I’ve seen.

It falls so fast, but I’m so interested

Time then starts to slow down,
As seconds turn to minutes,
And minutes to the next

I glance, I stare, I wonder,
Then reality hits me like bricks,
As I start to panic,
As it starts to fall

Still keeping my eye on this silver token,
An inch above the solid earth ground,
A second later I say my farewells,
My treasured token then blends in with the other silver glitters

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