January 15, 2009
By Lauryn Payne, Evansville, IN

Sometimes I feel like im drowning
Im drowning in mid air-
My throat closes up and I find that I can no longer breathe…
So I gasp for air
Trying to hold on for as long as I can
But slowly and surely
I am
The lights are so beautiful
You know
The ones they always talk about-
How they shine so bright!
I am
So caught up in the beauty of this that I
Somehow forget that I am even dying and
Decide to let go-
Because now death does not frighten me but
Enlightens me
And i
To know more…
But somehow the lights begin to dim
And I start to slip away from the
Very thing I feared-
But now it became what I wanted most;
To see those beautiful lights again,
So proud and beautiful…
But I slip back into consciousness
And I can feel myself-

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