Tear Stained Morning

January 14, 2009
By Anonymous

It's just another morning,
the same as the rest when the sun finally wakes her,
lastnights memories flood over her.
The aftermath still clear on her face,
eyes still red rimmed and blood shot,
mascara strung down her cheeks.
There's no mistaking it.

This isn't how she pictured it,
she neevr coulda guessed.
All she wanted was prince charming
and a happy ever after,
now she's right back where she started.
A damsel in distress.

Her mind's a tangle of thoughts,
her future seemingly hopeless and unsure.
Her trust has been broken beyond the point of repair,
but that's no surprise.
He got what he wanted and left her broken.
Now she's struggling to pick up the pieces,
tryin to hold on,
fighting back the tears,
and coaxing a fake smile

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