January 14, 2009
You hang from my every word and my seductive demeanor draws you in.

Your eyes cannot leave my face and you do not blink.

Closer still you lean in until our lips almost touch.

And you wonder.

Who am I?

Who is this elegantly dressed gentle stranger who speaks words of wisdom, wit, and humor?

How does he undress me with those piercing eyes?

His gaze intense and beauty unimaginable.

In this moment you feel the air escaping your lungs as your breath is stolen away.

A tingle shivers down your spine.

Pleasure shows on your face.

More wine, more flattery, more compliments.

Your cheeks flush red with the intake of more alcohol and words begin to fail you.

All that is comprehendible is the lust now growing inside.

This lust becomes an urge and this urge leads you to the next three syllables.

Follow me.

So I stand.

And we walk stumbling blindly through the tavern until we find your dimly lit room.

With great haste and speed you strip away your clothes.

Retaining my composure slowly I remove my outer exterior and enter your bed.

What happens next is incomprehensible to your intoxicated mind but you pant, you moan, and you tremble at my touch.

The words don't stop escape your lips and than your body ceases to move.

Everything is still and calm as if we are in the eye of a hurricane.

And it is done.

Sweat dripping from my neck down to my chest onto your torso.

Sleep caries you away and your dreams have never been so real.

When you open your eyes I am gone.

I do not exist.
To your sad amazement it was all just a fantasy.

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