Where I'm From

January 14, 2009
By Daniel Lamb, Delafield, WI

I’m from a place where I don’t remember,
Somewhere with poverty and not much splendor.
There wasn’t just one, they were all around,
Children and teenagers, confusion was the sound.
No one knew where they were going to go,
At least I wasn’t out in the snow.
But being in the building wasn’t much better,
There wasn’t much food, I’m glad I don’t remember.
People my age can look and see,
At their parents and say “I’ll be 5 foot 3.”
I still can’t do that like the rest,
I have to live with an every day guess.
Still at 2 months old came my day of salvation,
And from that day there was much relaxation.
But to this day I have remembered some
That I’m proudly adopted that’s where I’m from.

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