Tattered No More

January 14, 2009
By Elizabeth Hoopes, Conestoga, PA

Here's my heart, bleeding before you
It's an art, to have my heart do
Tear out my heart, I do this for you
Take a dart and stab my heart, like you do
Give in, give up
Forbidden, suck up
This I do, because I love someone
This is for you, but you are the only one
What should I do, because I am no one
I ask you, but you say "I'm someone"
Give in, Give up
Forbidden, suck up
This is my hart, broken and scattered
To kill is the art, it's ripped and tattered
You gave back my heart, it's no longer scattered
You gave me your heart, it's broken and tattered
Give in, give up
Forbidden, suck up
I gave you back your heart, and say "I love you"
It must be a skilled art, but it's what we do
It came from a poisoned dart, it pained me and you
This is our art when apart, we are the only two
Give in, give up
Not forbidden, don't suck it up.

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