January 14, 2009
By Samantha St.Clair, Holtwood, PA

I will stand by your side,
Whether or not you stand by mine.
I will always protect you,
Whether or not you protect me too.

I will create a smile on your face
When you can no longer stand this place.
I will create a happiness for you,
That your dark world could not.

I will bring about laughter,
When tears are streaking your cheeks
And I will bring about courage,
When you are breaking down.

I will care for you
More than myself
And create perfection for you,
So I can feel perfect too.

I will not judge you,
For you are my world.
If you are ever in denial,
I will show you what's correct.

Even if you choose to hurt me,
I will never hurt you.
Even if you try to break me,
I will still put you back together.

It is in me
To be your hero.

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