Low Rider

January 14, 2009
By Krystle Schmidt, Pequea, PA

A dog that is hot.
A type of wiener but not
eaten a lot
this dog has got
a brain and heart.
She became a part
of me in the start
of grade one.
My life begun.
My love she won;
second to none.
Although she’s fun,
I have to admit
I throw a fit
when she lays
and she stays
right in my way.
Causing tripping and falling
and dipping and stalling;
it must cause her pain
strain and disdain
to hear me complain.
I’m sure she’d explain
if she could speak.
She would critique
from her tiny physique
how the world looks bleak.
But she should know
since she stands low
to either move away
without any delay
or to pray, pray, pray
when feet come her way.

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