January 14, 2009
By Charles Daily, Lancaster, PA

Such beauty is annihilation
One quick stare
The flip of your hair
Should I dare?
Or maybe beware?
The taste of your lips
How you move your hips
My hearts doing flips
Your dark amber eyes
I see through your lies
You make me cry at night
But in dreams we take flight
It’s a breathtaking sight
We’re soaring and exploring
Fighting and spiting
Loving and adoring
But the dreams I keep ignoring
You’re a cheater and a liar
The damper to my fire
My darkest desire
You’re with him and with me
He’s a sim I’m reality
My heart please steal
Understand how I feel
I love you my dear
but our end is near
I’ll leave you a tear
What you did was low
Consider me foe
Now I must go
I guess we’ll never know
What could have been
If beauty was not a sin

The author's comments:
The peice is very relateable to all teenagers and their lust for someone that never truely feels the same way about them. But yet they still seem to be transfixed by their every move and will strive to get their attention.

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