January 14, 2009
Such beauty is annihilation
One quick stare
The flip of your hair
Should I dare?
Or maybe beware?
The taste of your lips
How you move your hips
My hearts doing flips
Your dark amber eyes
I see through your lies
You make me cry at night
But in dreams we take flight
It’s a breathtaking sight
We’re soaring and exploring
Fighting and spiting
Loving and adoring
But the dreams I keep ignoring
You’re a cheater and a liar
The damper to my fire
My darkest desire
You’re with him and with me
He’s a sim I’m reality
My heart please steal
Understand how I feel
I love you my dear
but our end is near
I’ll leave you a tear
What you did was low
Consider me foe
Now I must go
I guess we’ll never know
What could have been
If beauty was not a sin

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