What Can I Say

January 14, 2009
By Emily Mai, Clarkston, MI

I’ve been hoping to find a way back,
To put an end to these drunk days
I’m not looking for perfection,
I only want improvement,
Cause perfection quickly fades away

What can I say; you can only do so much
The closer I get, the more of you I lose
But you can’t lose what you don’t have
In my mind, I think that I can

Love shouldn’t be this way
You play it like a game
Another chance
To carry it’s weight
And if I could go back
I’d tell you baby, take it slow.
Baby, just take it slow.

Laying here, can’t find the words
To put down on this empty page
So I close my eyes
And I fall asleep,
Hoping this feeling
Will be gone when I wake

What can I say; I can only wait so long
Hit the lights, I know you won’t call
Thinking, wishing, too much to say
You’ll come around again someday

Of everything that went wrong
I learnt one thing—
Baby, take it slow.
This time around I’ll know.
Baby, take it slow.

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