Dig into my Sand bag please

January 14, 2009
By Ashley Jimenez, Spring, TX

Dig into my sand bag please

I am the Sandman
My father is Father Time
My mother is the Tooth Fairy.
Look at me you will get bleary.
I sprinkle sleeping sand into people’s eyes
So they can see diamonds and sweet pearls while their minds unwind.
Upon times
I have to fight off my uncle Riper
Who is a real creeper
Our fighting causes you to have nightmares of death and falling.
But it’s better than uncle riper signing you off in your sleep.
The times I fail
I go to the pub after I soak in my tub.
And I think-I cause sleep which can be good and bad. I am always on my father’s time; I always come upon my mother’s routes.
When can I lay on the couch?
I need to get away, spread my wings.
I am weak
Wish I can go fly with superman.
But I am the Sandman
Therefore I can’t man.

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