January 14, 2009
By Danielle Menard, Spring, TX

Hungry people don’t stay hungry for long
As they reach with needy hands towards tha dawn
Tha spirit of Jesus now screams forever on
From factory chains to the ghost of far beyond

Tha forgotten remains disappear to their new homes
Tha knife they thrust, tha life burns to the raw bone

Peering into the eyes of the child on trail
Armies tearing family apart getting them on file
Convictions fit the stock profile
Cracking the safe with a turn of a dial

All the while dogs are ripping through their homes
Ripping the skin and strait off their bones

It’s tearing me apart I feel there’s isn’t anything to live for
And it will always be the same unless I walk out tha door

Violence is in all hands, embrace if it needs to be
Living been warfare and always will be

Tha tears on the floor, it’s not dryin’
And it will always be there unless I stop cryin’
Tha cell block live stock, the bodies they buyin’
Old south order, new northern horizon

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