Innocent Abuse

January 14, 2009
By Chelsea Hemingsen, White Lake, MI

You were the perfect family, everything seemed great
Then you hit her; she hid the bruises,
Lied to her own family,
Three months later the truth came out
You beat her, threw her down
The innocent 4 year old was sleeping
No one saw this coming.
Now, I see you, a doctor, with an adopted son
You didn’t even want him in the beginning
Now you act like he is all you ever wanted
Counseling is what everyone claims changed you.
I don’t trust it. You were like a father to me
now I can’t even look at you without disgust.
The family tries to act like nothing has changed
You never did anything, the past didn’t matter.
I see what you’ve done with my once happy aunt.
Now all I see is her hiding from the world
a mask; that you made her create.
She claims everything is great now,
You’re a perfect husband, father, and friend
You talk with your son, you buy your wife gifts
Fake all fake is what I see.
I still look at you with hatred.
You did it once, who will stop you next time
I can’t think of anyway that you can change
You’re gone to me, you don’t exist
I only wish you were gone,
And my wishes seem not to be enough.

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