I Remember

January 14, 2009
By Kyle Huston, Henderson, NV

I remember it was our freshman year
And those giant seniors we did fear
From backpacks that looked like we were moving in
To the preppy tight shirts that made us look thin
We were freshmen, studious and bright
We stayed up late, and studied all night
This was our first year, we wanted to be great
We ran to our classes to avoid being late
But something happened as we began to rise
We became wise-fools, more foolish than wise

Yes, that’s right, it’s our sophomore year
The time of foolishness, that time is here
We talk to our friends and we walk to class
Our first tardy, teachers would rip up our pass
Proficiencies were coming, and some would fret
Even though we passed, we weren’t finished yet
We still had two more years of school
To prove we were wiser than a fool

As summer approached, most began to drive
Our grades got lower, but we stayed alive
Our parents watched as their kids began to grow
And some shed a tear as they let their babies go

As juniors we got jobs, learned the price of a dollar
And as usual in these cases, somehow got taller
SAT’s and ACT’s were tests we feared taking
We kept looking at the clock, and our hands kept shaking
And after all of that trouble, we did amazingly well
But we were still juniors, waiting on that sixth period bell
As the weekends grew closer, plans began to take shape
And on Fridays at 1:16, we made our big escape
Like cougars chasing down their weakest prey
We thanked the gods for the end of the day

Senior year came upon us; it was our time to shine
One year ‘til the real world, we should do just fine
Cougars we became, dominant and ferocious
We’re graduating face it, we’re quite precocious
Our last day arrived and we yelled out loud
The time has come to make our parents proud
We walk down the aisle, and receive our diploma
Such a glorious event almost put some in a coma
Grown up, graduated -- the pick of the vine
We are the Class of Two-Thousand and Nine

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