The Game of Life

January 14, 2009
By Kyle Huston, Henderson, NV

I’m a billionaire with a supermodel wife
My books are best-sellers
And the government comes to me for advice
I make more money than Bill Gates
But I’m playing The Game of Life with the devil

My wife leaves me for another man
A man who can’t even afford the BMW in his driveway
She takes half of my fortune
And robs the ring of my life
The rest of my fortune was wasted away
In the taxes I evaded for twenty-five years
This is what happens when you play The Game of Life with the devil

I’m bankrupt and heartbroken
Like Dr. Faustus my wishes were answered
But in a corrupt and mischievous way
I have the Midas touch; I turned her heart to gold
And the fortune I had turned to my misfortune

The Game of Life is a prison for me now
Paying off my debt to Satan
And the government
But that’s what I get
For playing The Game of Life with the devil

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