To Whome It May Concern

January 14, 2009
By Derek Selha, Mattapoisett, MA

To everyone who told me I couldn’t,
Objectify me no more,
Who I am is of my choice,
Hold your tongues,
Ordaining yourself my judge,
Meshing into my traditional practices,
Instituting my future as a captain of nothing,
To show me who I should be is nothing but refute,
Mocking my choices for what they might be,
All this is yet enough in my eyes,
You must stop before you go too far,
Constricting my imagination and style,
Obstructing my normality as your oddity,
Not concerning yourself with my own needs,
Clasping onto the tails of my coat,
Etching your name into my pursuits,
Ruin what you will for me you won’t anymore,
Numb yourself to me.

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