January 13, 2009
By Luke Jacoby, Mequon, WI

A few nights ago, I awoke to a savage storm,
Throat parched, I started down the corridor for the kitchen.
At the end of the hall, I gazed upon a horror;
Brutish in manor, I could only make out his figure
in between the flashes of light.
With each blaze of lightning,
I could see different expressions.
One with a wide grinned mouth,
shoulders bobbing with a cackle,
I could see the greed in his pupils and iris’;
his eyes like giant gold coins.
Another was choleric.
Dark and heavy bags under the eyes,
creeping closer to beat me senseless.
The last ghastly fiend I witnessed,
Seemed to be yelling at me.
Pointing and screaming,
Eyes blazing with an almost inherent racism.
Sternly walking to my position,
Spewing hateful vocabulary into my ears.
Almost nose to nose now,
I realized it was just the giant mirror,
hanging at the end of my hallway.

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