I Come From...

January 13, 2009
By Kiara Eichelberger, Solon, OH

I come from a hoop with no backboard
But a sturdy foundation.
Where a hunger for more is not always a craving,
Because of the concept of having it right now
And not the future,
Who, What, Where, When, and How’s?

I come from the determination of two fatherless children
Who found true love,
Who taught me to be different was superior,
Where words like persevere, intensity, and confidence,
Were embedded in my interior
And God’s word was our life and foundation.

I come from a generation whose music is their answer
And to believe it’s true is their natural disaster,
Where technology is boss
And thinking for yourself is an art that is totally loss,
Where speaking before listening is what we like to do,
But by not listening you never find the real you.

And now I come from a place where a “S” on my chest
Means that I am doing big things
And from a distance a comet is a pretty sight to be seen,
While up close you can kind of tell its history,
But where I’m from it’s always a mystery,
But eventually the story will unfold
And my foundation became my stronghold.

So I come from here and I come from there.
I come from the dark and I come from the light.
And all together it made the backboard of
My Life!

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