January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

April 14, 1912
Balancing lives
Can never be sunk!
Dangerous disaster
Everyone wanted to ride
Frantic people running!
Grand staircase
How many died?
Impacted lives
Just another night at sea, or so they all thought
Knots, 23 to be precise was the maximum that the steamship could go!
Left in the rooms to die
Men get on last
Never to be left alone
One night that will never be forgotten
Passengers that died tragically
Question that are still unanswered
Robbed of the their lives
Sunk with hundreds of passengers still on it
Two thousand two hundred and twenty three people lost their lives
Very tragic incident that could have been avoided
Women and children first
Xanthorrheoaceae- certain families not accepted
Yes it’s true and yet so unbelievable
Zzzz….left to rest at the bottom of the ocean

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