January 13, 2009
By Adora Lee, Lebanon, NH

Don’t explain the moment to me with descriptions!
The emotion is valid without evidence, and offers more stability then the reliable source of, this witch craft, photograph.
I favor unfairly and all too quickly; the awkwardness is customary…
Life’s details are unneeded vulgarity:
But my irrational love can not ignore your charming criticalness
Logic is unknown in the depths of a kiss, but that bliss is thankfully escapable
I resent the momentary transition of my life into an over dramatic theatrical
Provoking my faults, my inner downfalls, was a weak time: indeed.
I cried disgustingly for you to be kind to me
And you were right; the kindest you can be is when you’re out of my reach.
I regretlessly accept that I’m stunted, but I loathe myself for it.
Loneliness would be much less miserable if I did not have some to treed upon it.

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