Together Forever

January 13, 2009
By Annakay Benzor, Platteville, CO

i never thought i would be in a place that i never couldnt go again. We started as friends in the beginning and then we started to know more about each other. Now we are together and that made me the happiest i been in a long time. As day goes by all i think about is you. We have so mch in common like are football team,candy, and theres so much more that we share. Your special to me and i hope that i will never have to stop loving you. You're one of a kind and that makes me want you more. I will always love seeing you when i can.Your smile brightest my day when i see you. You should know i am always there with you. We will have a fantastic time together. All the love we share and love the memories that we have. Remember what i side and i will turn out to be a good day.

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