Distant hop

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Here is the universe."
I speak of it in rough drafts...

'mad dashing by past the luxury of associating to greet smiles, oh so impolite to docile atrocity!

Fathomable with kaleidoscope binoculars
prophetic, mythical
unpolitical ends returning to beginnings

An impersonal narrative;
like a mirage off 'escapism'.

:I was awoken (under the crustal zone from the atmosphere), tidal waves of asteroids.

I salute them.

Pages of alternating worms booking my veins and ailments as thus resulting in dances, frolicking spasms to eternal remain. Like a virus only to accumulate.

The colors of steps both side taken and dived into
to play chess,

the buried ancestors pushing up labyrinths of daises

more then to no less amaze, traditions of honor and praise.

The energy of lessons like welts left not to forget
gain in loss
the naivety of regret
the barbarism of intellect
the childishness of symbolism
the fey folk towns village tales of cannibalism
the fairness of style
the infamy of pious destiny

the subtly of recognition
the ages of procrastination
The cycles of depression
the indigestion of reality
cause and effect...
pseudo reality televising fantasy

{Zen is not the contentment of education learnt}

discipline to simply be represent in breathe,
imprisoned in a class of stale air

Spawned in a womb of infertile substation
move on
feed into faith of self to
thrive liveliness in hollow grounds

after unscarce meditating on sacred misadventure
where those who've died congregate
intents of us stage ode of humanity's spirit
the artistry of experience available

Isn't it half hearted, half warm
this Schizophrenic tongue of me Astronomist song
impartial indifference, enthralled bewilderment
over thought insanities, not philosophy
Young, genius does not become me

Here is the Universe
pushing and pulling
poles of magnetic interfering
chemistries of fear and excitement fiening

there is the unknown
It is here
morphing time

revolutions beyond eyes
priorities like witch hunts chasing after the Antichrist

Literally articulating a nonverbal communication of
soulistic roles is the objective. So open to interpretation, in the end intimate with that moment of place and time; c'est la vie...the meaning cared to acquire. A mere dreamed remembered.

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