Price check, return common sense, cloves reciet

January 13, 2009
By Adora Lee, Lebanon, NH

It's over the head of this kingpin:

Mind adjacent to insulate adolescence
with golden gloved fingers
I'll be the barer to quintessentially devalue the respect of bounding barriers!
Just by not being the bear to care.

See, me be the un-notorious, inside lot pocket,
wild rocketing idiot of Bohemia India;
exploring everything.
Snails and curdling moonshine. Tortoises curtsying, ultra slow singing.
The cheapest pile of nodical rhapsodies of rainbow bling.

..c'est la wonder unfocused wandering that keeps the audience cumming.
A taste of a penny 'ah piece

The author's comments:
I feel like people expect a persona of some outgoing cartoonish character, from far fetched stories they hear, when they are not introduced first hand to someone. But instead, hear glorified rumors of exaggerated details that exasperate the new aquantence when greeted. An dhwo wouldnt want to boast out of shyness and insecurity when first meeting? The crazier the first impression the more exciting!

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