In to the Depths

January 12, 2009
By Laken Davis, Independence, KS

Into the depths of darknes we go.
Into the depths of darkness you grow.
In the depths of darkness I wait,
for you to infuriate, the sucubie who are deep in a sleep.
then you will give up your soul, and when the toll of the bell is near
And I will have my quota for next year, But you will be nowwhere near. Ha!
You will be in the depths of darkness
where your fears will grow.
But you man will not know, that you didnot have to give me your soul.
You are the fool who followed me down.'Now you must remain underground.
Becouse you gave me your soul to excape physical pain, I take your body from you and let your soul be all but free. You may wonder, and see the sucubie feed, nd see the tortures of hell, but avoid them yourself
Your free of pain, but not free
You will forever be unfree
In the depths of darkness you will be.

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