An Inevitable Fate

January 13, 2009
An Inevitable Fate
My hand presses against the cold gate
And I see my breath as the temperature of the air decreases.
The others have gone back to their rooms to await their fate,
But I won’t give up.
I try again and again to unlock the gate confirming our death.
We are third class.
They think we will take up too much space,
So they leave us here.
Lock us up.
My feet suddenly feel cold.
I look down and see water running across my torn up shoes.
I panic and try again to unlock the gate.
Smashing, Pulling, Biting.
The others are right.
It’s over for us.
I trudge through the water back to my room
With a tear rolling down my cold cheek.
“It’s over,” I whisper to the man I planned to marry, “I love you.”
He wrapped his arms around me
And I placed my head on his icy chest.
I could hear his heart beating.
I let myself get lost in the rhythm until it was over
And I was gone.

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