One Two Three

January 18, 2009
By Rebecca Weisselberg, Parkland, FL

I'm just another hopeless romantic,
and I always see myself in your arms
and I always ache to feel your embrace.

It's hard for me to look at you,
because I know I don't deserve you.
I can't help that your eyes are so deep
that I get lost in them
and I can't help that your kisses are so soft
and your skin so warm.

It leaves me feeling pretty hollow
when I see you
because my personality is nothing compared to yours
and when I can't cry at a sad story,
I realize that I'm heartless
because you stole it away from me.

I wonder if you can see the lasting scars
and if they bother you
because you know my past haunts me every day.
Everything I've done follows me,
and when I'm not occupied the memories attack my mind.
That's why I can't stand silence
and I've always had trouble getting to sleep
once I've gotten into bed.
That's why I always need you to talk to me,
because listening to you is the only thing that scares away my past
and calms my always rushing mind.

You're like a medication
made just for my problems and my needs,
that I need to take at least once a day
and overdosing on is impossible.

Sometimes I think you've been spelunking through my mind
and examining the emotions that are so expressive and intense.
Your mind, though, is somewhat like a mystery to me;
I can peg your emotions and reactions almost perfectly,
but your thoughts,
I can only shoot arrows at in the dark.

I'm not sure how to explain what you do to me
and who you are to me
and how you affect me so drastically,
but I am sure of three things.

I love you.

I need you.

I live for you.

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