Inexorable Nightmare

January 18, 2009
By Molly J., Hudson, MA

I lapse into the waves of unconsciousness,

Allowing sleep to claim me as its prisoner.

Soon, dreams come flooding into my mind’s eye

Eventually evolving into nightmares.

I find myself running,

Running as fast as I can

But my dire attempt will not suffice.

My greatest fear has caught me,

And I am forced to yield to it

For my struggles are futile.

I begin to fall, my body

Arcs gracefully.

There is no way to end it;

There is no one to catch me.

A bloodcurdling scream escapes my lips

As I bolt upright, trembling

I realize that tears are streaming down my face.

Nevertheless, sheer exhaustion causes me to

Drift asleep again,

Despite the fear that is beating against me internally.

And the nightmares arrive once more,

Embracing me like a forgotten friend.

There is no escape in sight.

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