Cry me to sleep

January 18, 2009
Cry me to sleep
Oh Grasshopper’s fair
With Wind, make a flare
And eventually, not a peep

With hidden shrubs gone
And poor sustenance made
No talk. No help. No aid.
Give not a step, old fawn

I hear not a stir
Of wondrous joy
Their home but a toy
Our children will never see her

Cloudy skies, picked and spun
Go with me dead tree
Won’t you turn green for me?
And undo what has been done

Will you cry me to sleep
Oh Mother Nature’s glare?
What’s ‘fair’ is unfair
As you lose what you should keep

Drown me in your sorrows
I will hear your woeful song
Sorry we never got along
And you never saw tomorrow’s morrow

Well I hear your lullaby
Told to my children ear?
Should I hope or fear
If there must be a goodbye?

I can hear you scream
You know what I can’t do
I can’t help and change too
Pardon the silliness of a dream

Won’t you cry me to sleep?
Young child, sing to me, aloud
A wronged ballad to this crowd
Oh gazelle, do not leap

Do not stir,
For light is gone
You have not won
No presence, no purr

Will you cry me to sleep?
For I only sleep for nature’s due
And arise, to make anew
And hear, hopefully, more then a peep

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Sierra S. said...
Feb. 1, 2010 at 3:04 pm
what are you talking about
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