Poetry is Music in Words

January 18, 2009
By nrthrndwnpr BRONZE, Ponchatoula, Louisiana
nrthrndwnpr BRONZE, Ponchatoula, Louisiana
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is music
in words.

you can
see it.
a flowing
of notes.
a thick, old
and yellowed
page of music.
notes and words
in the air
slipping off
the tongue.

you can
hear it.
harmonic chords
of words
in the stanza
of a song.
the iambic,
steady, bass
beat of

you can
taste it.
sweet, sweet
music of words
coming out
the speakers
of your throat.

you can smell it.
fresh ink
on a new
page waiting
for an
of vowels
and consonants
to be composed.

you can
touch it.
a special
grasp onto
a loved instrument
and the grip of
a pen.

Poetry is a soft blue.
It smells like running ink.
It tastes like sweet vowels.
It sounds like a chord.
It feels like inspiration and excitement.
It looks like columns of sentences.
Poetry is music in words.

The author's comments:
Thispoem was written in english class for our poetry project. We were given loose formats and had to fill them out by our theme. Mine was, of course, "Poetry is Music in Words."

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