Learning to Love

January 17, 2009
By Stevie Gorton, Midvale, UT

What is this feeling I don't recognize?

It came to me as such suprise,

I'm losing intrest in my mind, and gaining supervision in my heart.

I've seen your face a thousand times, when I think of you,

My thoughts all seem to rhyme.

Your image was always fuzzy, now it shows up cloudy,

How long must I wait until you become clear?

I heard you've always loved me, and began to build a bridge,

It seems you are out of bricks, let me meet you half way.

Maybe it is you who will free me from this loveless spell,

Maybe it is you who will love me kind and well.

It has to be you who teaches me what I must do,

Or I'll never get my chance to say I love you.

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