January 17, 2009
By Erik Tayag, Burnaby, ZZ

It surrounded me like a gang wanting to pick a fight with me
And no I could not flee
I was there there all alone
I didn't even have my phone
I couldn't see anything besides my body and hands
But the floor was covered in sand
What message did teh dark want to send?
Did it hate me or just want revenge
The dark walls were moving closer to me
I was so scared i wanted to flee
I wanted to cry
But then from the top corner of my eye
Colour and light was returning
And the darkness, it was burning...
I jumped up from my bed
Hitting my head,
It was just a dream

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F'donkadonk said...
on Feb. 7 2009 at 5:19 am
Hey! You didn't tell me you got this one published already! It took forever to find.

But great job on the poem :) Except the sand part kind of threw me off a little bit, though it made more sense near the end when you wrote that it was a dream; dreams can be freaky. Other than that, nice; you earned the full marks Ms. Sahota gave you!

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