The end of love

January 17, 2009
The clock strikes 10.
I glance around.
The sun set hours ago
but the fire in my stomache won't settle.
I am going to see him.
I am going to end this.
It isn't right.
We shouldn't have ever started this.
So why do we keep doing it?
Because we feel loved when we do.
All we are really doing is ruining each other's lifes.
I leap out the window.
I risk everything on this trip.
My black skirt and shirt against the dark night makes my silhouette the only way you can see me.
The cool air causes my hair to flutter around my face.
It feels nice on my hot skin.
I run to the spot that we are meeting.
He isn't there again.
Where could he be hiding his time?
I turn around hoping to see him but nothing is there.
I slowly walk to his window glancing in to find his bed empty.
He is out here...somewhere.
I hear the leafs crunch behind me... so i slowly turn around.
There he is sweeping me into his arms.
I love this feeling so I shall wait until next time to stop the love we have.

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